Warhol flower


She copies a work but she is by no means a copyist. 

She is a renegade artist. But she is no feminist.

A strong woman.  Removed from herself. 

Photocopy, xerocopy, replica, mimesis, simulacra, fake, digital virtuality, clone. All of this is anaemic and lifeless.

A strong woman. Removed from herself. Removed from good and bad copies.

Are you a clone? Are you still there? Are you a man?

The individual is a double. / The individual is a copy. / The individual is a clone./ The individual is dispensable./ The individual is disposable. / 

The double is original. / The Copy is original. / The image is the origin.

Hello Mr Warhol, how do you do your silk-screening? “I don’t know. Ask Elaine”

I love Warhol when the Warhol is not a Warhol.  Oh, and please kill Oldenburg, he is ready to kill me.

It takes a flower to make a table.  

I definitely do not believe everyone needs to own let alone  understand art.

I’m not an Appropriationist of intention and meaning.